Mad House Creations
Over 30 skins ready to use on your vForums board!
Stop by & check Them out!
A graphic resource forum which enables you to boost your skills as a designer, boost your vforum aswell as partaking in fun forum competitions and general chit-chat

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Pure Creativity
Pure Creativity is a community dedicated to cultivating both new and current talent in graphic design and in programming.
Get great free templates! We are currently looking for staff! Come on in!

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Hello, and Welcome to iCodes! My name is Darkmage, and I created this forum. We aim to create codes for your vForum. We have many codes in the database. We can also create graphics for your forum to suit your needs. So come on and join us! :)
Don't Host
Give reviews and read comments on what users really think of their web, email and domain hosting providers.

As lets face it, we've all been on the receiving end of poor support or rip off prices at some point. Lets warn others not to make the same mistake.
This is a new forum ran by iKegulate and Genesis. We help a lot of new website owners by allowing them to access our codes and even get custom banners from our website. You can also share your art at our site and even chill in our general area.

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From experimentation to the market the wonders of the insane people of area 51, 52 and 53 come together to provide codes and skins to people of three popular board providers: InvisionFree, vForums and TalkBoards.

Code requests are open! And the database is slowly building, come along and request a code (table, simple script/howto) and it possibly may be added to our database if we love how it came out for others to use!

are you insane? We welcome you to join us at insanity!
Visual Arts
A vForum graphics site with resources, battles, showcases, and many many more! Come here for all your digital art needs! Don't wait, Join Now!
The #1 source for graphic resources and templates for vForums.
My vForum
A radical forum to showcase and push the boundaries of the vForums software. With an emphasis placed on user experience, this is a community that will draw you in, and appreciates its members.
TechCodes and Graphics
A new coding and graphics site.
This is a forum where you can get skins for your forum that take no effort to install. Make image requests too...
LEG Studios
Come to LEG Studios for your latest graphics and more! We welcome everyone!!
TA Resources
A great place to post your resources and get some new ones!

Offering the best design, coding and general community on the whole of VirtualForums. You'd be stupid not to join!

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are you different? come on in!