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Carpe Noctum
Vampires, Werewolves and Humans live in peace among each other, but something is going on in the corners. The peace has lasted for thousands of years, but is it forever?

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The Naruto RPG
After a failed attempt at destroying the Akatsuki's hideout, the sealing statue was damaged, letting loose the Ichibi and Gobi. Akatsuki is forced into hiding, giving the five great nation's some time to breath. Unfortunately, a new organization has risen, competing with power, but with a entirely different goal. The name of this new dangerous organization is called XstarD. It's goal is not to get the tail beast but to get an item known as the golden seal. This seal is hidden from both ninja non ninja alike. Hidden deep within The Cave in the Land of Bears. Yet unknown which cave it is hidden in and no one knows where the seal is to this day. Some say the seal was taken from it's hideout while others say there was no such seal. The seal can do one of two things. It can save the world as we know it or it can destory the word as well know it.
World Wrestling Association
Welcome to the World Wrestling Association, this is a Wrestling Efed, and also a General Talk forum. we have 1 show called DemoLition, please join today :)
Nordic Academy
Nordic Academy is the Scandinavian School for young witches and wizards. It takes place in real time and follow the life in a world full of magic. STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Vyren Entar Battle Network RP
-Under Construction-
Xen Qarna RP
A Roleplay of another time. Is it past or future? Is it real or fake? The people do not know nor do they care. What matters is how much Ðyö you have and how strong you are!!
Star wars RP
this is about a rp that all the people from star wars fight for victory.
FFVII: {Forbidden~Reunion} V3.1
This forum is Based off of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The Year is 3478, Two months after defeating the three Brothers, Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz, and awakening in the Church, Cloud continues daily routines. Everything is going as normal and he and Tifa continue the delivery service and Cloud is called out towards the Junon area for a delivery...... If you go to our forum you can read the rest of the plot.
The Other Realm To Trust, To Betray
It's been a whole year since The X-Reaper dissappered. No one belives his dead and they would be right. Ruby can't return to Living world as of yet but one day she will be able to, but what will await her when she gets back? Will Odd reamber her? And who is the half breed that has spirital powers as well as very strong unusel powers that seem to be more stronger then anything that they have ever seen before? There has been a strange force that is coming from the half breed that has been roaming around but none have been able to catch it and no one knows if it's good or bad.

Will you be the one who finds The X-Reaper and defeats him once and for all? Or will you aid the dark side and become pure evil? Or maybe you will be the one who finds out who this half breed is that is soo Mysterious. Join today and find out.
FFVIII: Balamb Garden
At the forefront of a rising tide of violence brought on by Galbadia's war declaration is a SeeD Cadet named Squall Leonheart. Serious to a fault, Squall has earned himself the reputation of being a lone wolf. A chance encounter with the free spirited Rinoa Hertilly, however, turns his universe upside down. Having thrived on discipline, Squall finds Rinoa's carefree attitude fascinating. Yet there is no time to ponder these thoughts, for the job of dealing with the sorceress behind Galbadia's irrational hostility has fallen SeeD an Squall. At times, Squall is known to fall into a "Dreamlike" state. It is during these periods that he encounters Laguna. What destiny awaits these two characters? At what point does the story between the two cross? Who is Laguna...?

The Pokemon Lounge
A place for all Pokemon fans to Discuss and RP Pokemon.
Star Wars Lounge
A site for all Star Wars lovers to come and Roleplay Star Wars and discuss anything Star Wars related.
RPG Atlantis makes it's comeback after two long years of being offline! Join the action!
Dark Shines
The year is 1646 and a world has shown itself to the world. Step into our world, be a part of Dark Shines, the civilization of the pass the rivals the civilizations of modern day.
Final Fantasy Nation
The year is 3478 B.C. A large war that was started over 4,000 years ago, is still unsettled. All 4 nations seem to want more land, and in return a big monster "sin" came into play and started to destroy all the cities that were either on the ocean and next to the ocean.
Thats only a small part of the plot like, so com here and start role-playing your favorite Final Fantasy Character ranging from FF 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12.

Final Fantasy Nation