Comic Discussion Forum
A place to discuss comic books!
Mad House Creations
Over 30 skins ready to use on your vForums board!
Stop by & check Them out!
Star Wars Lounge
We're a group of friendly, dedicated Star Wars role players who love to write and hang out with fellow SW fans. You don't have to role play, there are plenty of sections to have various discussions in.
A graphic resource forum which enables you to boost your skills as a designer, boost your vforum aswell as partaking in fun forum competitions and general chit-chat

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Carpe Noctum
Vampires, Werewolves and Humans live in peace among each other, but something is going on in the corners. The peace has lasted for thousands of years, but is it forever?

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The Naruto RPG
After a failed attempt at destroying the Akatsuki's hideout, the sealing statue was damaged, letting loose the Ichibi and Gobi. Akatsuki is forced into hiding, giving the five great nation's some time to breath. Unfortunately, a new organization has risen, competing with power, but with a entirely different goal. The name of this new dangerous organization is called XstarD. It's goal is not to get the tail beast but to get an item known as the golden seal. This seal is hidden from both ninja non ninja alike. Hidden deep within The Cave in the Land of Bears. Yet unknown which cave it is hidden in and no one knows where the seal is to this day. Some say the seal was taken from it's hideout while others say there was no such seal. The seal can do one of two things. It can save the world as we know it or it can destory the word as well know it.
Welcome to iDirectory. We aim to advertise your sites for FREE. That's right! No need to pay us! Just use the Submission Form and we'll add you pending of approval.

All affiliates should be of 88x31 standard size. We will not accept anything smaller or bigger.
The best free place to pick up GTA info, help and more. If you want us to continue serving you for free donate!

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World Wrestling Association
Welcome to the World Wrestling Association, this is a Wrestling Efed, and also a General Talk forum. we have 1 show called DemoLition, please join today :)
NFL Fan Site
It's all about football!

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Pure Creativity
Pure Creativity is a community dedicated to cultivating both new and current talent in graphic design and in programming.
Nordic Academy
Nordic Academy is the Scandinavian School for young witches and wizards. It takes place in real time and follow the life in a world full of magic. STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION
The ETTA Alliance
A private forum for members of the ETTA Alliance who play Ikariam.
Vyren Entar Battle Network RP
-Under Construction-
The Future's Clock
TFC is a family based hangout, meaning we are not just a forum wanting fame. Looking for a place to relax, make friends and even hangout with your current friends is not that easy, so the TFC project was born. A place for you to get help and also have fun.

TFC is not just another place looking for fame, and it is most definitely not a place filled with people with nothing better to do. TFC is a family within itself, looking at every turn that can be made, TFC is not just a forum. It is a place to call home, have support and have someone there to listen to you and not be alone.
Xen Qarna RP
A Roleplay of another time. Is it past or future? Is it real or fake? The people do not know nor do they care. What matters is how much Ðyö you have and how strong you are!!
OS Users Unite
OS Users Unite Aim to help you with your computer needs! We also have General chatting as well from sports, forum games, and many other categories! So come here and enjoy your stay! :)
Dedap Global Portal
Forum blackhat,greyhat and whitehat adsense,ysm,cpa,ppc..
Get great free templates! We are currently looking for staff! Come on in!

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The Cafe
The Cafe is your place for anything! We are your entertainment and general community. We are committed to you!
America's Economic Crash
America needs help in our economic crash, join us in finding ways to cope.
Hello, and Welcome to iCodes! My name is Darkmage, and I created this forum. We aim to create codes for your vForum. We have many codes in the database. We can also create graphics for your forum to suit your needs. So come on and join us! :)
Oblivion Gaming Entertainment
Gamers Construct Regime