The Naruto RPG
After a failed attempt at destroying the Akatsuki's hideout, the sealing statue was damaged, letting loose the Ichibi and Gobi. Akatsuki is forced into hiding, giving the five great nation's some time to breath. Unfortunately, a new organization has risen, competing with power, but with a entirely different goal. The name of this new dangerous organization is called XstarD. It's goal is not to get the tail beast but to get an item known as the golden seal. This seal is hidden from both ninja non ninja alike. Hidden deep within The Cave in the Land of Bears. Yet unknown which cave it is hidden in and no one knows where the seal is to this day. Some say the seal was taken from it's hideout while others say there was no such seal. The seal can do one of two things. It can save the world as we know it or it can destory the word as well know it.
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Hello, and Welcome to iCodes! My name is Darkmage, and I created this forum. We aim to create codes for your vForum. We have many codes in the database. We can also create graphics for your forum to suit your needs. So come on and join us! :)
This is a new forum ran by iKegulate and Genesis. We help a lot of new website owners by allowing them to access our codes and even get custom banners from our website. You can also share your art at our site and even chill in our general area.

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From experimentation to the market the wonders of the insane people of area 51, 52 and 53 come together to provide codes and skins to people of three popular board providers: InvisionFree, vForums and TalkBoards.

Code requests are open! And the database is slowly building, come along and request a code (table, simple script/howto) and it possibly may be added to our database if we love how it came out for others to use!

are you insane? We welcome you to join us at insanity!