The Future's Clock
TFC is a family based hangout, meaning we are not just a forum wanting fame. Looking for a place to relax, make friends and even hangout with your current friends is not that easy, so the TFC project was born. A place for you to get help and also have fun.

TFC is not just another place looking for fame, and it is most definitely not a place filled with people with nothing better to do. TFC is a family within itself, looking at every turn that can be made, TFC is not just a forum. It is a place to call home, have support and have someone there to listen to you and not be alone.
Vivid Places
We are a board where you can talk about anything! Owned and led by Patrick.

Stop by and see what we are about!
A small community with updated topics and fun everyday! Join the Fun Today!
Alfie's Antics
A Pet and Craft forum combined xx
Xano is an all around community. Chatting, gaming, role-playing, and even more can be found here.

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The LOL Board
Have a laugh, a spam, or whatever, on the original LOL board!
General Chat
General Chat is a forum for anyone and everyone to join. Chat about anything and everything here.